Conclusion of Optimizing Google Shopping II: Quality

Conclusion of Optimizing Google Shopping II: Quality

Thomas Byskov Madsen & Lasse Rasmussen - January 8, 2018

Google Shopping campaigns vary significantly from standard Keyword campaigns in several aspects, including how they are qualitatively optimized. Marketers therefore need to use a variety of optimization strategies tailored specifically to Shopping.

The second part of this three-part white paper series on Google Shopping optimization suggests the use of comparative analysis between search terms from the standard Keyword campaigns and search terms from the Shopping campaigns. This allows the marketer to identify specific and actionable optimization opportunities in terms of key terms that should be added to the product feed. We suggest that you do this by using a feed management tool, as the opportunities within Google’s Merchant Center are very limited.

A data-driven approach to feed optimization enables you to not only increase the amount of different relevant search terms to which your Shopping campaigns can serve ads, but also how many impressions your Shopping ads will receive. This adds value, not only by giving a stronger presence on relevant searches, but also by adding real growth in traffic from Google Shopping.

The next and final part of this white paper series will explain how we at QuantAds handle bid management within Shopping campaigns, with the goal of maximizing every single product’s performance within the given constraints, be it cost per transaction/acquisition, return on ad spend or even budget limitations.