Finding a Winner

Finding a Winner

Katrine Andersen & Ewa Seiler - October 27, 2017

How to find a winner using AB testing?


To determine the winner of your A/B test you will need to decide which KPI will be used to measure your success. Typically you will be able to choose between Open Rate, Click Rate, Click-to-Open Rate, or Conversion Rate. It is important that you select the KPI that matches the test you are performing. For example, if you are testing two different subject lines, the goal of your test is to get more people to open your newsletter. In this case it would therefore make sense to use the Open Rate as your KPI.

If you have conversion data present in your email system, Conversion Rate or revenue results might be the best KPI for your A/B tests that focus on email design and content. After all, revenue is probably one of the KPI’s that interests you the most.

Once the winning message has been determined, don’t stop there! Use the results to optimize your campaigns and define new strategies to test.